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PyPy Sponsors and Consultants

Keeping a project as ambitious as PyPy requires resources. Sometimes the problems encoutered are general, like updating python versions or supporting various c-extensions. Sometimes the problems are specific and require precise solutions that may not generalize to all users. Likewise, sponsorship of PyPy can be general or specific.

General PyPy Sponsorship

PyPy has had many financial contributors in the past. We are grateful to them, and to the following current sponsors:

PyPy Consulting Work

  • Baroque Software is an innovative company that has been doing performance oriented consulting for a variety of biggest players on the market since 2007. Please reach out to their team for help making PyPy fulfill its potential in your application.

  • Matti Picus, the PyPy release manager, has been pushing PyPy into the Python ecosystem since 2016: dealing with packaging, compatibility, and performance. He works at Quansight and is available for projects.